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As the game's future is unkown, this wiki is now on a hiatus
Welcome to Agent Wiki!

The Wiki about the Action-Stealth-Sandbox game going to be developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Games that anyone can edit.
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  • Rockstar didn't appear in E3 2012, leading to a question of what will become of the game.
  • On 24 May 2011, Take-Two confirmed that Agent was still in development at that point in time. During a fiscal earnings conference call , Take Two answered a listener’s question about Agent saying that it is indeed still in development.
  • Agent will be exclusive for the Playstation 3. When asked about the exclusivity of Agent at E3 2011, CEO Jack Tretton said that he was unsure and that it was a decision for Rockstar Games to make.
  • Sony announced that Rockstar was working on a new franchise for the PlayStation 3 in July 2007 but details of the project, including its title, were not announced until June 2009 during the Sony press conference at E3.

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